Who We Are.

We are round pegs in square holes

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things – they push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

COURTESY: Apple TV Ads: Think Different (1998).

Our Mission

To help our clients improve their customer engagement, employee empowerment and operational efficiency, using Data and Analytics.

Our Vision

Harness the power of data to identify and address unmet, unarticulated and emerging needs

The Management Team

Kiran Kuchimanchi

Srinivas Atreya
Chief Data Scientist

Sirisha Peyyeti
Head – Consulting

Ashir Gandham

Raja Sekhar Devarakonda
Head – Platforms & Competency

Ram Manjeri

Ram can teach Discipline and Determination a thing or two! Ram’s job is to keep our coffers filled, and to make sure that we all can take some money home at the end of the day! Ever the optimist and perfectionist, Ram keeps everyone in splits with his cryptic quips.

Ram Manjeri

Chief Revenue Officer

Ram has the distinction of having graduated from both IIT and IIM, during the time when there was just a handful of these Institutes. He still firmly maintains that what he most gained from the Institutes is the approach to life and work.

A Sales & Marketing professional, Ram has over 27 years in the IT Services / Solutions space. In his past life, he helped scale the business from 200 to 5,500 people in 12 years. Starting from scratch, he set up a self-sustaining and Global Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Bid Management, Partnership, Legal and Visitor Experience organization for his employer.

Ram has been a key member of the Business Strategy Group, focusing not just on scaling the business profitably, but also on building the right business – something that all stakeholders will be proud to be a part of.

He is a big believer in culture and human values, work/life balance, mentorship and having fun. He strives to establish all these by practicing what he preaches.

Business scenarios, Digital concepts / technologies and their commingling –if you need a point-of-view, Sirisha is your person. Her depth and breadth of knowledge, along with her ability to articulate in a manner that makes perfect sense, in conjunction with her intention to do the right thing by the Customer makes her the quintessential Consultant.

Sirisha Peyyeti

Head – Consulting

Business Leader, with over 18 years of experience in the IT services industry, focused in the area of Data and Analytics.

Delivered multiple data projects in Data Warehousing, Data Migration, Data Exchange, BI, Visualization and Analytics.

Experience in solution consulting, with a strong focus on digital thinking and customer empathy, across varied domains. Exposure to different technology stacks throughout the career, coupled with common sense, helped deliver digital transformation projects.

Architected projects from data migration to data lake setup, with implementation for Global customers.

Sincere efforts, simple solutions, optimism and quick learning are Raja’s strengths. With these skills, he can deliver any thing and can play any role with ease.

Raja Sekhar Devarakonda

Head – Platforms & Competency

Technology Consultant specializing in solution architecture, with more than 20 years of experience in developing data products, enterprise integration, Big Data, Data Science, Data Warehouses, etc.

Data solutions expert with experience of having delivered many projects in the insurance, healthcare and banking domains.

Open-source enthusiasts with the expertise of enterprise-grade open-source solutions such as Python, Django, MySQL, and MongoDB.

“Platform Thinking” advocate with a strong knowledge of platform business models and platform delivery architecture.

Early to bed and early to rise, makes Jack healthy, wealthy and wise”. Ashir is not Jack :). Which works out quite well for the rest of us; Ashir handles the graveyard shift!

Ashir Gandham

Chief Information Officer

Ashir has over 20 years of business strategy and execution, client handling and operations management experience in the Healthcare, Human Capital Management, Payroll, eLearning and Travel domains.

He excels in solving complex problems that cut across domains and technologies. He has created numerous multi-million Dollar accounts from scratch, through a consultative and innovation-led approach. He has single-handedly managed and nurtured large client-companies.

Ashir is passionate about C-SAT. He believes in doing whatever it takes to help customers succeed. He establishes deep connects with CXOs on the strength of his understanding of customer problems/drivers, empathy, availability, transparency, and ability to identify/implement solutions.

He owned many initiatives around Business Continuity, InfoSec, Compliance, Risk, and Business Process Transformation, and is well versed with CMMi, ISO, and BS 27001.

Ashir is passionate about technology, and you can always find him fiddling with some gadget.

Srini refuses to wear trousers (don’t worry, he wears shorts), shaves infrequently and is blunt to a fault. We put up with all that because he is the bestest AI / ML person around!

Srinivas Atreya

Chief Data Scientist

Srini is the quintessential data geek, with an innate ability to solve business problems using insights from data. He has over 23 years as an Analytics / Information Management practitioner across the US, UK and India, in the diverse roles of an Engineer, Architect, Data Analyst & Data Scientist.

Technology Consulting, specifically in the areas of Data and Artificial Intelligence, including current state assessment, industry benchmarking and roadmap definition, is something Srini excels at.

Srini has held P&L responsibility for the Data Science practice for a Fortune500 company. During his Corporate life, he helped establish Centers of Excellence for AI / ML for many clients.

Amongst us, Srini is the start-up expert. He has built multiple products within these start-ups, successfully generating funding and revenues.

He has hands-on technology skills in Convolutional Neural Networks (including R-CNN and Mask-R-CNNs), using Deep Learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Torch…), LSTM for temporal classification, RASA NLU and RASA Core with Spacy for NLU and NLP, OpenCV with Python and C++

Politics, philosophy, technology, sports (especially cricket), et al – Kiran always has an opinion, which is always different from your own. No doubt a believer in healthy debates and in exploring every angle of the matter at hand!

Kiran Kuchimanchi


While Kiran has been formally employed for over 20 years, he started working right from his school days! Being self-reliant is deeply ingrained in his psyche.

A rounded professional, Kiran has an excellent grasp of strategy, execution, technology, and people. He has the unique ability to stitch all these together in every situation to bring about the best outcome for all stakeholders.

Kiran has been instrumental in discovering opportunities (an idea, a customer relationship, a team, a platform play…) and then untiringly pursuing it to success. A key strength, as he travels the world helping customers succeed.

A passionate coder (!), Kiran was responsible for Global Delivery, with a team of over 4000 people. He created a highly engaged team, with utilization over 90%, attrition below 4% and client NPS at 74!

Over the last 4 years, Kiran has been instrumental in creating the Digital strategy, setting up a Digital practice, establishing the Digital culture/buzz, and generating Digital revenue.


Our Philosophy

The four pillars of our success

Innovation & Evolution

We always believe “it can be done better”. Hence we strive. To better the best, to better the bad. Our DNA is about innovation and evolution. Some times, it pays not to get it right the first time.

Always New Targets

When was the last time you felt you did enough? For us, it was ’never’. Hence we start afresh every day. Resting on our laurels has never been our thing. Have you heard the modern “hare and tortoise” story?

Dream, with Feet Grounded

Yes. We want to give you the best solution, that gets you to the moon and back. But we ask ourselves first, and then you – do we really need it? We work miracles, but within the realms of commercial reality

Long Lasting Partnership

We don’t believe in multi-year, costly projects. We also don’t believe in one-night-stands. Our focus is customer success – for the long term. And hence our focus is – customer retention, for the long term



Be a part of us!

We are always looking for good people

And life @ RoundSqr is all about:

  • Celebrating successes and, in many cases, failures
  • Practicing a flat hierarchy
  • Getting the job done, whatever it takes
  • Accelerated growth, with Global opportunities
Be yourself, be bold, be different – Express yourself and be a part of an exciting journey

We truly believe that we can make a difference if each member of the team is

  • Interested in solving the problems that matter
  • Having a constant thirst for learning, and a passion to excel
  • Built of the right fundamentals – honesty, hard work, intelligence…
  • Obsessed with customers

When like minded people come together, great things happen!

Our Office Locations

Plot 20-21, 1st floor, A-Hub,
Besides VVN PG, Jai Hind Enclave,
Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana
500081, India

RoundSqr, Inc.,
10, Wooded Lane,
Allen, Texas
75013, USA

IIIT – Hyderabad Campus,
Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana
500032, India