AI & Non-Profit Organisations | How Beneficial Is Technology?

Shreya, Blogger at RoundSqr

By Shreya Utekar | 02nd August, 2021

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “non-profit organization”? Is it a shelter for the homeless, orphan kids? Or maybe an animal rescue shelter? I bet “technology” wouldn’t make it to your train of thoughts, until now. Why would it? People integrate the Fourth Industrial Revolution – AI & ML within their businesses and companies, but nobody would associate a non-profit with cutting-edge technology.

Private corporates are weaponising themselves with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics – for the obvious goals of increasing revenue and reducing costs. However, from a non-profits’ perspective, their goal is to up their efficiency and automate administrative tasks. Given that there are limited resources to use, infusing the technology within their internal operations and external communications cuts down the waste of resources and time. Not only does it save the volunteer’s time but also enhances the organisation’s growth.

How can AI benefit Non-Profits?

Fundraiser strategies, volunteer efforts, engaging with people and donors – non-profits and charitable organisations depend highly on these activities to bring about a change, make an impact in society. High amounts of data are generated every day – right from details of the people admitted into the organisation to the volunteers and the donors. Sifting through manually can become time-consuming. With a limited set of hands juggling multiple responsibilities at once, it is nonetheless inefficient.

Automating Administrative Tasks

As I mentioned before, the employment of resources is directly proportional to the efficiency of an organisation. If the volunteers are caught up in routine tasks, how will the goals be accomplished? Letting AI software take care of these monotonous, will free some time off the employee’s plate. Consequently, it’ll allow them to not only strategize better but also communicate internally & externally smoothly.

Automating Interactions with AI Chatbots

The e-commerce industry has predominantly used AI-powered chatbots to answer commonly asked questions. Similarly, non-profits have also encountered FAQs. “How can I contribute money?” or “What are the upcoming events?”
Answering the most basic queries with automated intelligent responses can provide effective communication. However, the requirement of human personnel may arise in certain situations. Consequently, the intelligent chatbot would redirect the conversation to an employee. The fact that chatbots are working 24/7 makes it easy for users to get information whenever they need it.

Deriving Personalized Insights

You may have a database that is data-wealthy. But it is of no use if the data is not being analysed to derive meaningful insights and conclusions. Predictive analytics is used by Artificial Intelligence to sift through the rich database. One of the leading software platforms incorporating Predictive Intelligence is FirstMatch. They use technology to yield better outcomes for the at-risk youth in their system. Placing and matching the child with the most appropriate program consequently increases the possibility of them leading a trauma-free life.

With the combination of machine learning and data analytics, AI-driven solutions can prove to be highly beneficial to non-profits and charitable organisations. Ultimately, it will result in highly effective decision-making of employees with the use of actionable insights. Intelligent and automated chatbots will help smooth the external engagement hassles. With technology, the growth of the organization will catalyse on a greater scale.