And then so it happened one day...

March 4, 2019

That I decided I wanted to be a part of something that I did on my own and moved on from a great company like Microsoft to a startup and began my entrepreneurship journey. If only things/thoughts/ideas could be as simple and as quick as what that sentence summarises!!

So, here I am, a few months into a brand new year and at the biggest and most courageous crossroads of my life. How did I even get here?

Like a whole lot of people my age at that point in time, I got into engineering (since I felt qualifying and studying to become a doctor was tedious). But then, when I had a chance to be comfortable in my hometown and study the course that was a rage at that time, I chose to go to Warangal and studied Civil Engineering in NIT! That one decision, I guess, was the first important milestone that changed my life for good.

Post graduation, I joined a company called ValueLabs (then AppLabs) where quickly and steadily I moved up the ladder. “A company is what it is, because of the people that work there” – this couldn’t have been any more true than in this place.  At a stage in my career when things were very stable and I was a part of the team that was responsible for digital transformation, I found myself at crossroads again. Very unlike people in my career path, where changes in jobs were frequent, I stuck to the same company for a very long time. But then, the world of digital was enticing. I was on that high of trying to learn and understand and implement everything cool that came my way.

I decided I had to get to a place where the action is. And hence took up an offer in Microsoft as their Data & AI architect. The change was tremendous. A first time job change, a MNC that was a well-oiled machine, a role that changed me overnight into an individual contributor, a job that needed me to learn every waking moment (and gave me a few sleepless nights till I got to know I will never know enough!) It was all worth it… It gave me the confidence that I can deal with new technology, it helped me understand my strengths with a lot more clarity, it got me in contact with people that are extremely talented. It got me an opportunity to see technology up-close. And then suddenly things changed again.

Multiple rounds of coffees and teas and general discussions about purpose in life, one life to try and experiment, what do I have to lose, why now/why not now debates – just like that a bunch of us decided to go the dark side – start something of our own. While the decision wasn’t easy, the path from thought to actual reality was even more difficult. And so here I am at that crossroads once again looking forward to an exciting journey ahead. Before I move ahead and it becomes a day-day thinge, I wanted to list down what made me take this decision:

  • To try and solve interesting problems, in our own way – simple and to the point. And to see how far common sense can take us
  • To be fully, totally and completely responsible for all good and not so good decisions that I take in my professional life
  • To be unpretentious and work with people that I enjoy working with

RoundSqr it is going to be – digital pitstop is how we see our company being perceived as… And so it is Vuja De for me – something familiar but viewed with a fresh view. Lets see how far it takes me and you on this journey.