Breaking the AI Ceiling | #herAIstory Session Recap

Session Theme & Speakers

Breaking the AI Ceiling - herAIstory Session
Key Speaker
Chief Data Scientist
Topic: Why yet Another AI Conversation?
Key Speaker
Pratima Komireddy
Data & AI Consultant
Topic: A day in the life of a Data Scientist

Roundtable Discussion – Moderator & Panelists

Head of Consulting
Dr Sirisha Kasinadhuni
Founder & CEO
Imran Ahmed Ansari
Senior Data Scientist
Aparna Vedam
Senior Manager-HR & Employer Branding
Mahita G M
Data Scientist

Session Highlights

Speaker at herAIstory 1 - Breaking the AI Ceiling

It was definitely a roller coaster of an evening with industry veterans and AI enthusiasts having an engaging discussion. First, Srini kicked-off the session by explaining why diversity is key to AI becoming successful. Subsequently, Pratima brought up the middle by walking people through a day in the life of a Data Scientist. She sure seems to be having lots of fun doing that!

Then it was Sirisha’s turn to turn up the tempo, chairing a scintillating panel discussion.

Sirisha Kasinadhuni (Founder/CEO Empiezo), Aparna Vedam (Sr. Manager – HR & Employer Branding – Ruletronics), Mahita G M (Data Scientist @Google) and our very own Imran Ansari had the audience hanging on to every word. Wide-ranging topics were covered, including what it takes to get into Google, what do companies look for in a Data Scientist, the ideal team composition for an AI project and whether the (AI) grass is really greener in Australia!

Panel Discussion at herAIstory 1 - Breaking the AI Ceiling
Breaking the AI Ceiling Session Pictures 1
Breaking the AI Ceiling Session Pictures 2
Breaking the AI Ceiling Session Pictures 3
All that food for thought was followed by food for the body! Yummy sandwiches, invigorating coffee and cool mojitos…

A BIG THANK YOU to all the speakers and listeners. We are overwhelmed by the number of people that came, the selfless manner in which knowledge was shared, and how engaged everyone was.

We are extremely humbled by the thought that we can make a difference to this world. However small that might be. Such support motivates us and makes our resolve stronger to invest more time in this event.

Do watch out for another edition in October…

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