Session Theme & Speakers


Distinguished Speakers

Jitendra Chakravarthy Putcha
Vice President – AI & Analytics
Leena Isaac
Technical Delivery Manager
Gurudatta Kamath
Practice Head Data & Analytics
Tech Mahindra
Kiran Kumar Kuchimanchi
Chief Executive Officer

Session Highlights

We are in one of the most exciting phases of the digital revolution. The 3rd session of #herAIstory has captured the very essence of it through conversations surrounding the past, present, and future of AI in Enterprises. Joined by over 60 guests from diverse backgrounds and expertise, it was a day of interesting insights straight from industry leaders!!

Kiran Kumar (CEO, RoundSqr) set the stage for the event with a perspective on how enterprises are infusing AI/ML into their offerings – be it in taking the best financial decisions, driving the future of in-flight experiences, mitigating traffic woes via self-driving cars, or giving a new dimension to healthcare through a data-driven, intelligent, and patient-focused approach.

After this sneak peek into how various industries are leveraging AI, we dived into our first keynote. Leena Isaac (Technical Delivery Manager, Microsoft) walked us through the questions many enterprises, at different stages of the AI maturity curve today, have – “Why is this adoption required?”, “Is this the right time to jump in and adopt AI?”, “What’s the next big thing?” and many others. She rightly spoke about the challenges of today – be it ‘the insane amount of resources the AI adopters need’ to discussing the ‘standardization and duplication of the models that are being built’. She discussed her views on Sustainability and the Hub-Spoke architecture for Models to be re-used across enterprises. The use of Microservices to offer scale with the models was well thought out, articulated and received.

Gurudatta Kamath (Practice Head, Data & Analytics, Tech Mahindra) gave a preview of how the public sector is using AI/ML to tackle areas like money laundering. With his vast experience of working with a global clientele in the BFSI sector, Guru covered wonderful AI/ML use cases across Operations, Regulations and Compliance. He stressed upon the need to understand the business processes to be able to deliver value through AI/ML.

Up next, it was Jitendra’s (VP, Cognizant) turn to delight and wow the collective brains of the audience with his quirky questions. He stated that this is the best time to be in the industry. He not only spoke, but also demonstrated the difference between Knowing Vs Doing when it came to deriving value through AI/ML use cases for enterprises.
Having seen the industry transform over the last 2 decades, Jitendra stressed on the importance of having a sound Understanding of Data to have meaningful AI/ML outcomes, to collectively solve enterprise problems, to adapt to the required skills, to prevent misuse of data, to really understand what’s bothering the clients and package value, and to do many other things. He concluded by saying that AI is here to stay and is going to augment every enterprise in its own unique way.

Following these awesome keynotes, we were treated to a panel discussion where many interesting questions were asked by the moderator and the audience, with even more interesting answers from our three guests; overall it was a day well spent with keen brains, full stomachs, and tons of ideas that have kept us excited.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the speakers and guests. We are overwhelmed by the number of people that came, the selfless manner in which knowledge was shared, and how engaged everyone was.

We are humbled by the thought that we can make a difference to this world, however small that might be. Such support motivates us and makes our resolve stronger to invest more time in this event.

Do watch out for another edition in March…

#herAIstory – let us change the Industry, one woman at a time