Issue of Supply & Competency Gaps

February 24, 2019

RoundSqr Academy of Competency and Excellence (RACE)

In the last 4+ years, advanced technologies such as Big Data, Advanced Analytics, DevOps, Cloud, Blockchain, Cyber Security etc.  have come out of their PoC stages and successfully embarked on to an enterprise wide adoption stages. Due to the high rate of adoption by industry for multiple use cases, the depth of skills expected and range of roles created in these technologies had been seeing an exponential growth and demand. This situation is creating an inherent risk of failure due to non-availability of skilled resources in the market.

Below is a representation of the demand gap in Big Data Analytics field.

Below is a representation of the competency gap in Big Data Analytics field.

Similar pattern of supply and competency gaps exist in each and every advanced technology area. Upon further research on the same subject, it is identified that 50% of the demand gap is for skilled developer resources.

RoundSqr is a start-up entity started by coming together of experienced industry experts in various advanced technologies. The vast industry experience of team @RoundSqr lets it effectively define and specify the competency traits required in a developer resource in each of these technologies. RACE is an initiative by competency function of RoundSqr that translates the issue of ‘competency and supply gap’ as an opportunity for RoundSqr. Hence, RACE is essentially an academy to produce competent resources in various advanced technologies by carefully selecting skilled resources in the corresponding near technologies. RACE @RoundSqr is a repeatable end-to-end procedure from out-reach to selection to transformation of a resource in to a deployable resource in the identified target technology.

Below is the diagram that represents a broad end-to-end process steps of RACE.

We envisage the following benefits to be accomplished by RACE by category of stake holders:

By Industry: RACE is a mechanism that can successfully address the issue of shortage of skilled resources in the industry where by positively influencing the industry growth, success and momentum.

By Resource: Engineering resources working in traditional technologies and having aspiration to get in to advanced technologies are not able to do so, due to challenges such as risk of loosing salary, lack of opportunity, lack of practical training and mentorship etc. RACE gives a risk free approach for the resources to effectively transform their career in to advanced latest technologies in a planned and systematic manner. RACE selected candidates will be absorbed in to the roles of RoundSqr and will be paid a salary while they are undergoing RACE academic training. This protects the resource from the risk of salary loss during transformation. Also, RoundSqr ensures that each resource is given individual attention, opportunity to work on IP development, client project involvement, seminars, white paper creations, market par salary etc. so that there is a continuous enhancement to the resources competency. This ensures that resource is given maximum exposure to the technologies that had been chosen by the candidate. All these facets and policies of RACE essentially ensures that the candidate safely transforms him self in to an advanced technology resources in the most effective, efficient and risk free manner.

By Customer: The most important element in successful implementation of any customer project is availability of competent resources. Unfortunately, the same is now a serious risk across the board creating many associated challenges negatively influencing the outcome of the initiatives. RACE mitigates this risk by creating and providing competent resources in a consistent and continuous manner to make customer initiatives a success.

By RoundSqr: RoundSqr is a start-up positioned for development of IPs, solutions, platforms and services in the advanced technologies. At the same time, RoundSqr sees every problem in the industry as its opportunity to solve. Provisioning of skilled resources in the technologies that RounSqr focusses is one of its focus areas. Hence, RACE initiative is an essential ingredient in RoundSqr’s growth strategy.

Resources looking to transform their career to advanced technologies can do so by being part of RACE@RoundSqr. Please apply at careers page at