RoundSqr Establishes New Corporate Headquarters in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, December 2, 2019

RoundSqr, a data / analytics / blockchain solutions company founded by industry veterans, recently opened a new office in HITEC City, Hyderabad. This is a major milestone in RoundSqr’s fledgling life and is a commitment to its vision to ‘harness the power of data to identify and address unmet, unarticulated and emerging needs’.

Located in the heart of high tech in the City, this office is home for high-end& emerging technologies, IP-led solutions, diverse global leadership, bright talent and impact-driven organizational culture.

“While T-HUB (IIIT Campus / Gachibowli) is the perfect launchpad for a start-up, we quickly grew to a level where it was important for us to establish our own identity and culture. It took us 6 months of hard work, on top of our regular responsibilities, to get this office ready. Not to mention the disturbances that all of us had to put up with while this interior work was being carried out. But it has been TOTALLY worth it! This space has really brought the team together. Every visitor is totally impressed by the ambience, and the fact that we have grown so much as a company in just one short year” said Ashir Gandham, Co-founder and CIO.
Commenting on what went behind the scenes, Ashir said,“We always wanted to create a vibrant workplace that reflects who we are as individuals. We are big believers of an open work culture that enables collaborative teamwork and eliminates hierarchy. We have personally designed every nook and corner of the office, right from choosing the ‘theme’ to picking up the ‘carpet pattern’ and the ‘office decor’, everything! I am confident that this ambience will lead to some amazing success stories, personal and professional, in the days to come…”
“They say change is hard, but a pleasant change is always welcome. The new office brought in an instant surge of energy and a sense of achievement. Moving to a bigger office is a sign of growth and every brick is resonating it. Personally, my new office speaks to me – games to relax, plants to add life, books to have a conversation around, and a pantry to share our joys! I am ready for new challenges and excited about solving problems with open arms…” said Ramyasree Devarakonda, Senior Consultant.
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The Hyderabad office is located on the 1st Floor of Krithika Layout (Plot No: 20 & 21), HITEC City, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500081.
About RoundSqr:
Founded in 2018, RoundSqr is a digital company (Data, Analytics [AI / ML / CV], Blockchain). We help Businesses define problems and solve them using emerging technologies, typically in the areas of customer engagement, employee empowerment and operational efficiencies. We are your DIGITAL PITSTOP, providing you with the right support, at the right time, quickly, to let you drive your business better and faster.
The name RoundSqr (round pegs in square holes) defines our approach, where we try to see things differently and are uncomfortable with status quo; both essential qualities for a transformative journey. In just a year, the company has grown to over 50 employees, with 17 global clients and 3 offices. For more information, visit
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