Saying 'thanks' during Thanksgiving...

November 24, 2019

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I started counting my blessings and, it turns out, there are quite a few! It will take me a small-sized book to list down my personal blessings, so I am listing down only the professional ones below.

I am thankful for the amazing bunch of co-founders I have. Not just because each of us is very good in our respective areas. Not just because we are culturally aligned. Not just because we have a common purpose. But because we are coming together as a team. Because we are beginning to complete each other’s sentences. Because we always have each other’s back. The journey has just begun, but it is chugging along in the right direction.

I am thankful for a very supportive investor. He is there, and then again he is not. An investor is an invaluable asset when he sticks to his commitments, nudges us in the right direction, supports us in his areas of strength and is constantly on the lookout for business for us, all of it unobtrusively. A BIG thank you!

I am thankful that our IP journey has started in earnest. We are building out IP in two areas (the HCM and Cognitive Platform space). Whoever we demo them to is excited. We already have co-development clients identified. Actually, we ourselves are pretty excited – always did wish for non-linear growth…

I am thankful for my team. Under the radar in general, but aggressive when it comes to their work, my team has given us the confidence in our ability to predictably generate revenue. Focus on learning, continually improving command over English, 24×7 availability, deep thinking, hunger to succeed…are all there. While there is a lot of scope for improvement, the seeds of the future of Demand generation at RoundSqr have been sowed.

I am thankful for my colleagues. 50 bright people (some of them, especially the two in the US, with decades of experience behind them) have believed in a fledgling company, its leadership and its vision. If there is one thing that keeps me awake at night, it is the need to live up to their expectations. We have very high expectations of every one, so it is only natural that we set very high standards for ourselves.

Finally, I am thankful for our clients. Seventeen, and counting, spread across the Globe. It is always a leap of faith when a company signs on with an unknown vendor. But 17 companies took that leap of faith, threw their toughest problems at us, walked the journey with us and were pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

We are just a year into RoundSqr’s fledgling life and “there are miles to go before I sleep”, but I am pretty sure I will be back next year with a longer list of blessingsJ

Happy Thanksgiving!!