Tesla and Edison

July 28, 2020

July 28, 2020

AI Perk
Episode 4 – Tesla and Edison
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Abstract of the episode:

Even today, the most common debate amongst science nerds is on the topic, “Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla”. Who was the better inventor? Who was the most brilliant? Who was the most forward-thinking? Who had the biggest impact? and so on.

From their starkly different personalities to their lasting legacies, they have made a huge impact on the evolution of modern science. Well, this mini-podcast is all about how their differing styles may have a huge impact on the future of machine learning. Let’s check it out.

About the Speaker(s):

Srinivas Atreya, Chief Data Scientist, RoundSqr

Srinivas is the quintessential AI/ML geek, with an innate ability to solve business problems using insights from data. He has over 23 years as an Analytics / Information Management practitioner across the US, UK and India, in the diverse roles of an Engineer, Architect, Data Analyst & Data Scientist.

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