Image Annotation. Blazing Fast.

Machine-driven Annotation

Can we infuse intelligence into the most critical task of supervised ML?
Can we bring in enterprise grade collaboration to annotation?
Can we "shift left" the overall model building process?
Can we truly Experiments at the speed of business?

Yes, we CAN! If you have Zastra...

Zastra is an end-to-end, enterprise-grade

annotation workflow platform,

that minimizes Data Annotation efforts and maximizes Collaboration.


Uses state-of-the-art Active Learning methods to reduce annotation efforts by up to 70%. 
Delivers high-quality detection, classification, and segmentation on image and video datasets.
Data Annotation Platform

What’s Inside?

Real-Time Collaboration

Project Sponsor, Data Scientist, Developer, Subject-matter Expert, Annotators…

Active Learning Driven

Significantly reduce annotation effort without sacrificing quality.

Topological Data Analysis

Clearly understand the ‘bias’ in the annotated data.

No Data Movement

Reduce cost; use data from where it is (Blob, S3 bucket, network drives…)

Pre-Built Algorithms

 Integrated within the platform for detection and classification

Popular Frameworks

Supports PyTorch & TensorFlow, including ability to change hyper-parameters

Re-Use / Re-Purpose

Easy to use with one or more datasets; Multiple Projects – Multiple Experiments

Easy Export

Not just the labelled datasets but also the models. Move / Export to an external location.

What is the flow?

This is one of the few enterprise tools that focuses on annotation and infuses AI within the workflow

Data Sources - Image and Video Datasets
Raw Data

Image / Video Data from standard sources – S3, Blob, Network Storage…

Create users

Create Users / Projects / Experiments / Tasks along with associated raw data

Machine-Driven Annotation
Auto Annotation

Machine-Driven Annotation using pre-built models, with minimal human intervention

Export Annotation on Cloud

Version-Controlled Packages for data & algorithms | Exported annotations/models

Coming soon…


Extend the platform to support annotation for segmentation. The Zastra repository will have algorithms that support segmentation for enabling active learning of datasets.

ML Ops

Provide end-to-end ML ops-version control for datasets / experiments and templated pipelines, to deploy the model to standard cloud-based environments and the Edge.

Deep Bayesian Active Learning

Incorporate advances in Bayesian deep learning in the active learning framework. Further, improve the quality of annotations using specialized architectures like Bayesian CNN

Join the Closed Beta

It’s time for Zastra’s Closed Beta!

Our experts have spent countless hours hand-crafting this breakthrough solution for you. While we’re still actively adding features to the platform, we just couldn’t wait to take you on a test drive!

Once you have taken it for a spin, we’d love to hear your thoughts on enhancing the platform’s effectiveness!

If you want to be one of the first to explore Zastra for your model development, we would love to onboard you to the Closed Beta program.

More questions? Just ask us.

    • Zastra is an Active Learning-based, E2E enterprise MLOps platform that reduces the time required to label and annotate data to power your business applications, and provides a unified, collaborative environment for managing the entire AI model development, training, and deployment process.
    • Zastra’s key capabilities include Active-Learning based object classification, object detection, localization, and segmentation (coming). We can do this for images, video, audio, text, and point cloud data.
    • Zastra has comprehensive ML-assisted enterprise workflows that bring together disparate teams such as SMEs, Data Scientists, Labeling team, Project Management, ML Engineering, Deployment, and Production so they are collaborating effectively and reduce time-to-market,
    • These capabilities in aggregate provide the world’s first enterprise-grade DevOps platform to manage the computer vision lifecycle (now) and also build enterprise-grade AI-powered applications (in the future).

    A snapshot of what it is:

  • Well, Zastra lets you reduce time and effort, and increase collaboration and effectiveness of the entire AI development and deployment process by providing a unified platform to help resolve data ambiguity, build fast and versatile data pipelines, and supports model training and deployment, while freeing you to focus on your use case(s) that driving business impact.

  • Right now, it is absolutely free for beta users.

  • We totally understand how excited you are to experience this platform. Our team will reach you in 24 hours. If it has been more than 24 hours, please write to us via the “Contact Us” form.

  • Zastra can access your data within your framework – that means you need not move your data anywhere. It’s absolutely safe!

  • Thank you for your interest! Our experts would love to connect with you. Please fill the below form and schedule a demo right away!

Interesting! What next?

We are keen to show you the impact that Zastra can have. Please fill in the form below, and we will schedule a quick demo.

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